Monday, May 4, 2015

April 2015 Beauty Favorites

Helllllooooooo!!!! It's been a very long time since I sat down to write out a blog post!!! I'm going to be honest, It's been hard trying to come up with the inspiration and the time.

But I'm back! Hopefully for good!!

So this month I wanted to sit down and tell you all about my favorite products for the month of April! I used more makeup this month than I have in previous months. I started a new work schedule that allowed me time in the morning to actually put my face on!!! So naturally, there were some products that stood out above the rest!!

1. My BH Cosmetics Buffing Brushes:

These come in a set of 10, but these are my favorites out of that set...

These made it into my favorites this month because they have been my preferred method to apply my foundation. I have several other brushes and sponges, but these two brushes have just been what I've been gravitating towards! These are very affordable and I highly recommend them!

2. ELF Mist $ Set Setting Spray:

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Not kidding, when I wear this, my makeup does not transfer or move! When I wear other setting sprays, I can blow my nose and lose all the foundation on my nose... Not with this stuff!! I LOVE it!!! <3 AND its only $3!!!!

3. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer:

I'm not going to say that this keeps me matte all day, because it doesn't. However, this does keep me matte for much longer than other primers I've used, and especially longer than foundation alone. This also helps to minimize the pores, it does not completely fill them in, nor does it claim to..

4. NYX Primal Colors, Hot Black:

This is the blackest eyeshadow I own... That is all..

5. NYX Prismatic Shadows:

These are beautiful! I only have two colors at the moment, but I am definately going to be adopting more of these babies to my collection! So pigmented, so shimmery, so shinny!! LOVE!!

6. NYX Nude Matte Shaddow, Bare My Soul:

This formula is great, but I want to talk about this color... OMG! It is so beautiful! It is the perfect matte cool brown-taupe EVER!!! It's perfect for my pale skin!

7. Maybeline Rebel Bloom Lipstick in Lylac Flush and Blushing Bud:

These are so beautiful! Particularly Blushing Bud, It is so classy and pretty natural looking! The perfect color for work or school! <3

8. Rimmel Show Off Liquid Lipsticks:

I Have both the Lip Lacquers and the Lip Velvet's and I love both formulas!!! The ONE AND ONLY issue I have is the Lacquers tend to bleed on me, which is where my next favorite comes in....

9. Milani Anti-Feathering lip pencil:

This is great for keeping liquid lipsticks on my lips and not feathering out onto my chin and up my nose... Just sayin'.....

10. Rimmel Exagerate Full Colour Lip Liner:

I particularly want to talk about Eastend Snob... I don't know what to say about this color... Its perfect in every which way...

11. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol Kajal Eyeliners:

Put down your old eyeliner, these are all you need for tight-lining...

12. Rimmel Just Let It Go Gentle Eye Make Up Remover:

This was sent to me by Influenster, free for consideration, but I really do like this stuff. I have had it for several months and I'm barely half way through it!

13. Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Vollum'Express:

I really like this mascara, it does a fantastic job at lengthening my lashes, even though it says its volumizing, I don't notice so much volume, as length... But I still really like it though!

14. Doterra Meleluca Essential Oil:

Melaleuca is the same exact thing as Tee Tree. I use this to spot treat my acne breakouts. It is a drying agent so I use it sparingly and in conjunction with an oil-free moisturizer. It is fantastic!

15. Last but not least, MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! I am having SO MUCH FUN coming up with content and filming!!!! I'm really hoping I can use my blog and YouTube channel together to bring some really amazing content out to you guys!!

Thank you so much for reading!! What were your favorite products for the month of April?

~Ashley <3